With Steve Gosling, Kevin Raber and Art Wolfe

I am co-leading this 10 day expedition with Kevin Raber (CEO and Publisher of 'The Luminous Landscape') and award winning photographer Art Wolfe and we will be there to offer guidance & support based on our many years of experience photographing across the world.

The trip will offer an amazing opportunity to visit the East Coast of Greenland - one of the last unspoiled wildernesses in the world - to witness & photograph a grandiose landscape that is dominated by glaciers and beautifully shaped icebergs. Most of the year this ice-choked coast is inaccessible and it is only in late summer, when the tundra is clad in autumn colours, that we have a chance to get there. On this exciting Arctic expedition we will venture into one of the largest remaining wilderness areas in the Northern Hemisphere, Northeast Greenland National Park (which covers an area over of over 972,000 square kilometres and is the world’s largest national park) where vast areas are virtually untouched by man.

For more information and to book a place please visit the Luminous Landscapes page.


2nd to 11th September 2019


 From $9295 per person