One day workshops catering for photographers of all abilities who want to improve their flower & plant photography and a 'Business of Photography' workshop for those looking to earn some income from their images.


Various Dates

I have provided photography workshops at the RHS Garden at Harlow Carr, Harrogate, North Yorkshire for a number of years now and they have always been very popular, with most selling out. In 2020 I am continuing to offer a range of workshops for both the experienced enthusiast and the complete beginner - more information below.

Workshops in Partnership with the RHS

‘An Introduction to Flower & Plant Photography’ - RHS Garden Harlow Carr, Harrogate, North Yorkshire (28th August 2020)

This one day workshop, suitable for new or inexperienced photographers, is designed for those trying to understand and master their digital cameras to improve their flower & plant photography. The workshop will cover the basics of photography e.g. getting the right exposure, achieving maximum sharpness and critical focusing to get the best image quality, ISO settings and understanding file formats (e.g. JPEGs and RAW) and an introduction to composition.  A classroom session in the morning is followed by a practical session in the garden at Harlow Carr when participants get the opportunity to experiment with the techniques covered. 

'Photographing theTextures and Colours of Autumn’ - RHS Garden Harlow Carr, Harrogate, North Yorkshire (28th October 2020)

During this one day workshop we will explore the beauty and diversity of the woodland at Harlow Carr. As well as being helped to make visual and photographic sense of the woodland, participants will be encouraged to look for images in the details e.g. tree bark textures, colourful foliage, the patterns in root structures. This workshops is designed for intermediate and advanced photographers.

'The Business of Photography' - RHS Garden Harlow Carr, Harrogate, North Yorkshire (31st October 2020)

This workshop will explore the options for earning money from photography and is aimed at those who might be considering a career change as well as those looking to top up their income on a part time basis.

During the day we will cover defining your goals, identifying and accessing your chosen markets, selling and getting organised for freelancing.



For further information and to book a place contact RHS Garden Harlow Carr here.