With Steve Gosling and Kevin Raber

Having visited South Georgia and Antarctica back in 2016 I am really excited about going back there again next year. My previous visit had a deep impact on me - a month after my return I wrote the following in my journal, "I can't get Antarctica and South Georgia out of my head. I'm constantly thinking about the places we visited, the people I travelled with, the sights I saw and the sound of silence. The stillness and the quiet will remain with me forever - only the sound of the wind and the Penguins & Seals broke that silence; a haunting, beautiful silence. I miss that so much. It's a place that has touched my heart." It was undoubtedly a trip of a lifetime and was the earthly equivelent of photographic heaven.

Join us next year on the small polar expedition ship, Ocean Nova to witness incredible landscapes and amazing wildlife. More information about the trip (including a video from our 2016 visit) can be found on the Rockhopper Workshops page.

You can also see some of my images from the 2016 trip in the 'A Beautiful Silence' galleries on my Portfolio pages (Monochrome and Colour).


9th to the 29th November 2021